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Performance Status

The E3R Team includes prime Exceptional Employees for Exceptional Results, Inc. (ìE3Rî), and subcontractors, CGI Federal, Inc. (ìCGIî), and Alion Science and Technology Corporation (ìALIONî).  All have experience and expertise to meet the requirements cited in the Statement of Work across all seven zones.  Each of our Team members is currently performing similar tasks on a number of contracts or has done so within the past three years.
E3R has brought together a Team of subcontractors who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise and who complement E3Rís future staff and resources.
E3Rís first factor was to seek out a team with the ability to successfully meet the contract requirement; other factors that were taken into consideration included a reputation for customer satisfaction, team coordination and contracts management.  E3R requires each team memberís cooperation in establishing an easy, yet professional working relationship.  The second and equally important factor was each team member possesses a proven track record for providing properly trained and experienced personnel in the specific areas identified in the Statement of Work (SOW).
E3R is pleased to be one of the Prime Contractors for the Seaport Enhanced MAC and “The E3R Team” is qualified in all seven geographical regions. Team Members were selected based on specific criteria: (1) demonstrated performance record; (2) ability to offer recent experience from not only NSWCs, NAVSEA, MSIAC and Navy PEOs, but fresh experience from other Navy organizations and Government agencies (3) expertise in the broad range of systems; and (4) previously established working relationships. The E3R Team has the capabilities to provide NAVSEA and the Warfare Centers the required level of support now and in the future.

The E3R Team will provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has a proven track record with the government. We bring:
1. Expertise in homeland defense, sea control, assured access, and projecting defense overland to meet Sea Shield requirements.
2. Proven C5ISR capabilities matched with a multitude of senior personnel who understand the Sea Strike concepts and their importance as they apply to the endurance of our equipment and personnel during periods of increased operational tempo.
3. World-class logistics experience that can get equipment and supplies anywhere to meet the Sea Basing needs so that we project the sovereignty of the U.S. wherever it is requested by our Joint Force Commanders.
4. Former military officers and enlisted personnel who have spent time on the deck plates, in the air, and in the trenches accomplishing the various missions that make the United States the premier world power. We have been there and understand the importance of the Sea Warrior process for our 21st century sailors.
5. Understanding that concept and technology development are the backbone of the Sea Trial initiative. Our team brings proven experience in engineering, R&D, design, wargaming, experimentation, testing and delivery of cutting-edge products to our fleet.


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Team Members
DUNS | Seaport-e Prime
Capability / Area of Expertise

E3R Inc

968533013     |    Yes

3.1.,3.2,3.3,3.5,3.14,3.19 and 3.20

Allison Science & Technology Corp

146483164    |    Yes

3.1,3.2,3.3,3.4,3.5, 3.6,3.7,

3.8,3.9,3.10,3.11, 3.12,3.13

,3.14,3.15,3.16, 3.17,3.18,3.19,3.20,3.21,3.22

CGI Federal

145969783    |    Yes

3.1,3.2,3.3,3.4,3.5,3.6, 3.7,3.8,3.9,3.10,3.11,3.


Quality Assurance

E3R Inc. Quality Assurance Program

From the inception of a Project thru project closeout, Quality Assurance plays an integral role in the success we strive to achieve, by delivering the highest quality product to supersede our customersí expectation. E3R implements Quality Control in the project initiating and planning phase, with providing the appropriate business processes to effectively measure and monitor the quality of our product during the executing, monitoring, and control phases of each project. Our business philosophy implements Quality Assurance from the true beginning to eliminate any ambiguity moving forward to promote risk reduction and discovery as the project matures through development.

Our approach is simple and effective. It includes comprehensive oversight from the Project Manager, Direct Support Staff, Contracts, Security, Finance and Accounting, all working together as a cohesive unit to monitor quality for the customer, providing detailed and accurate information in a timely manner. Excellence is a minimum standard. To successfully meet this standard, we partner with individuals and companies with in-depth knowledge and experience developing a collective pool of vast experience, talent and performance.

Quality products and services combined with a performance based culture are the foundation for success. The performance objectives required from our employees, suppliers and contractors are responsible and accountable for the quality of their work, while continually improving processes, products and services to result in quality integrated products and services.